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Kepler Arpeggiator Sequencer

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Kepler Pro is a 16-step sequencer that integrates seamlessly with your Ableton Push 2!
Kepler Pro features an intuitive hands-on experience that provides the ultimate hardware and software integration!
If you are an Ableton Push 2 user, then you will love Kepler Pro!

If you Do now own a Push 2 then you will also appreciate the simplicity of the 16 knob control system. Try it, it's free!

Push 3 is not supported.

Kepler Pro is an arpeggiator and sequencer for Ableton Live users

It is a free Max For Live Device!

  • The combination of Kepler Pro and Ableton Push 2 makes a terrific hardware Arpeggiator/Sequencer.
  • Sixteen brightly colored knobs allow you to change the pitch and velocity for each step.
  • You can have multiple repetitions per step. You have up to 16 available repetitions per note.
  •  You can create a very complex sequence with up to 256 notes if you wish!
  • Kepler Pro does not alter the behavior of your Push to do its work. It does not use any scripts or difficult-to-learn workflows. Kepler Pro uses your banks in device view like any other Ableton device. Most parameters on Kepler Pro are available from your Push’s device view.
  • Kepler Pro is not just another sequencer that relies on mouse clicks and dragging this and that. The Ableton Push’s rotary encoder user interface makes it simple to control your sequences.
  • You are also free to utilize any natively supported controller that you might already use instead. And yes, Push 1 and 2 are both supported!
  • Whether you choose to use a controller or not, Kepler Pro is designed to be intuitively simple to understand and, most of all, a fantastic creative tool for any style of music creation.

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Kepler Arpeggiator Sequencer

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