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Sector Bass

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Sector Bass does something that has never been done before.

Place this device on a midi track before your instrument. Now you can use 5 upper keys to pluck while your left hand selects notes.

It allows you to play your keys in a manner that emulates a bass player movement. 

The result are more natural-sounding 8th,16,32, note playing. 

You will achieve better recordings and even highly improved live playing!

Use it with your favorite bass sample library and feel the instrument come to life!

Watch it in action in this video.…

  • Sector Bass tricks your midi keyboard into dedicating five notes for the sole purpose of Triggering more notes.
  • You can use one hand to choose the note on your keyboard while the other triggers additional notes.
  • This makes it possible to play a keyboard very much like a bass player plays the bass.
  • You can freely move the C5 root trigger zone or sector wherever necessary.
  • In fact, you can chose to place the trigger sector to use with your lefthand and play another type of instrument. Like a Violin, Lead Synthesizer, etc.
    You can play anything you want! .


1. Place Sector Bass on a midi track.
2. Choose a bass multisample or synth to start.
3. Play a sound like you would normally on your keyboard using your left hand only.
4. Now use your right hand to play 8th notes. Use C5 to E5 for that.
5. Now try playing 16th notes. Cool Right?
6. For extra points try playing 32cond notes! Now you are grooving with Sector Bass!

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Sector Bass

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