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MIA (Midi Input Assistant)

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Recording Studio

MIA provides a valuable selection of real-time midi data displays.
MIA translates note data between several instruments and notation.
ou can use MIA to correct your playing automatically. Just choose a root note and scale and start playing!

Live Performance

Sometimes, you need a MIDI display to help guide your playing.

MIA Features popup windows that are entirely and independently resizable. 
MIA has multiple skins for a complete facelift when viewing your data in a dimly lit room.


The Piano Keyboard and Guitar Fretboard have a graphic note display that clearly shows all the notes on both instruments (like a Guitar or Keyboard chart with all the notes). This is very
sound in an educational setting.

Band Rehearsal

MIA allows musicians to monitor and convert notes and chords between different instruments. For example, a keyboard player would not have to explain to a guitar player which notes they are playing. Every musician in the room can look at the MIA display and get what they need.

Also, the Ableton Push Display provides a much-needed note display to guide a Push Controllerist in what they are playing.

No Controller?

If you happen to be in one of those situations where you do not have a MIDI controller (like on a flight), MIA allows you to send precise MIDI note data to record into your DAW. 

You can use your Laptop’s keys to enter notes. But, filtered through an MIA instance on your midi track, you can correct the playing to your song's root note and scale.


MIA can be used to go beyond the typical. For example, each string on the Guitar Fretboard module can be customized in tuning. Each string can be customized in tuning. The number of strings can also range from one string to 12!

The chord recognition feature detects your notes and displays a few possible chords.

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MIA (Midi Input Assistant)

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